What exactly is a punching mold?

The punching mold is an accessory for the punching machine. Combining the punching machine with the die resistance results in plastic deformation of the work piece. Die punching is a crucial part of the punching process. The accuracy of the punching mold is strongly influenced by the exactness of the work piece machining. It is typical for a cylindrical punch tool to pierce a sheet of metal to form a hole. It is possible however to form a variety of features through different operations.

What is the best way to use a punching mold?

Punching molds are technological devices installed on presses to make punched parts. There are two parts, upper and lower, that work together.   A punch is a cutting process in which material is removed from a piece of sheet metal by applying sufficient shear force.  Punching and blanking are very similar, except that the material removed is called a slug. . A punch can be used to create various shapes and sizes of holes and cutouts. A simple geometric shape (circular, square, rectangle, etc.) or a combination of those shapes is the most common kind of punched hole.


Top Punching Mold Manufacturers:

Foshan Shymould Precision Mould & Die Co., Ltd -China.

Kunshan Feiya Precision Moulding Co. Ltd –Chiina

Yuyao Seawide Mold Hardware Co, Ltd-China

Shenzhen Smart Mold Technology Ltd- China

Taizhou Huangyan Dian Mold Co., Ltd -China.

Xiamen Xintonglian Plastic Co., Ltd -China.


To request a Molding Products Inquiry, the customer must prepare the following:

  • What is the quality of the products required in total?
  • When should I expect delivery?
  • Information about post-machining or not? (ex. Chromed plate.., painting …etc)
  • Packaging or no packing?

Maintenance of the Punching Mold:

Make sure to maintain a good die clearance. By choosing the proper die clearance, you can ensure good punching quality, as well as reduce burrs. Sharpening the mold when it is needed can significantly extend its service life. Keep the die seats of the turntable aligned regularly. A poorly aligned punch die will cause rapid passivation of the die and poor quality processing of the work piece. A poor punching quality occurs as a result of adhering fine particles from the sheet to the surface of the punch when pressure and heat are applied during punching.


How to install punching molds?

Stamping dies are crucial to the production of stamped parts; therefore, die installation independently is also a skill that every stamper should master. There should be no dirt or slag on the mold when it is installed. It is very important that the fastening screws in the mold and the pressure plate nut of the installation mold be tightened in the correct order. There should never be too much or too little height of the pressure plate bolt fixing block. It is not permitted for the diameter and height of the die handle to exceed those of the die handle hole on the slide of the press.

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