Vibratory Feeder Bowl

In general, a vibratory feeder uses vibration to control the rate at which material is fed through a process or machine. Gravity and vibration are used in vibratory feeders to move material forward.

Mechanics plays a crucial role in vibratory feeders.For automatic assembly or processing machines, vibrating plates are used as auxiliary feeding equipment. Sorting, testing, counting and packaging of products in a directional manner and satisfying their need for directional sorting. The purpose of vibratory feeders is to orient and discharge assembly components at a repeatable position. In the heavy duty market, our vibratory feeder systems are constructed with robust tooling practices to ensure high efficiency. Depending on the application or manufacturing process, manufacturers of vibratory feeder bowl design to feed systems specifically.

Industry Usage:

In every industry, vibration feeders are used. Several industrial sectors use vibratory bowl feeders. These include pharmaceuticals, automotive, electronics, cosmetics, food and packaging. Manufacturers save both time and money by using vibratory feeders instead of manual labor. The industry, the application, material properties, and the product volume all need to be taken into account when choosing a parts feeder.


Companies that offer feeder systems


  • (Shenzhen) Sunitop International Co., Ltd: manufacturer, Sinfonia distributor in China.
  • Suzhou Huilide Machine Co., Ltd.: manufacturer.
  • Hoosier Feeder Company: machining manufacturing
  • Feeding Concepts, Inc.: machining manufacturing
  • Quantum Feeder Systems Inc.
  • Leading Vibratory Feeder Manufacturers since 2005


What to look before purchasing a vibratory feeder bowl:

From the cars we drive to the products we use on a daily basis, manufacturing has an impact on everything.  A complete range of vibratory feeders and rotary feed systems is available to ensure delicate parts reach production in perfect and delicate condition.

  1. Warranty – must be minimum 1 year.
  2. Certification:
  3. Provided machinery test report.
  4. Widely used in medical, pharmaceutical, electronics, hardware, plastics,

batteries, food, toys, stationery and daily necessities etc.

  1. Service: After Warranty Service.
  2. Voltage: 220V.
  3. Power: 65W /150W /180w / 220W / 350W.
  4. Material: AL7075 / SUS304.
  5. Material characteristics: Good processing performance and high toughness.



Vibratory Feeders: What Do They Do?

Vibratory feeders are among the tools which have evolved in our economy. Thus, workers do not have to stand on assembly lines anymore, as production processes are automated now with this feeder. Feeders are used to transport raw materials to processing stations. This saves manufacturers from spending money on manual labor. Vibratory feeders save everyone time when integrated into a system. Investigating on-site is not a problem for us.

One Good Example:

In addition to increasing efficiency while reducing production costs, vibratory bowl feeders offer industries a cost-effective automated system of production.


Our goal is to build reliable parts handling and bowl feeder systems that meet the needs of our clients. To obtain a discount price or free custom service, please contact us today!

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