Stainless steel bolt grades

In the automotive industry, stainless steel screws are used to construct structural automotive components, which make stainless steel fasteners especially popular.Due to weather conditions that can change regularly and contaminates that could pose a hazard to automobiles. In addition to these reasons, stainless steel screws are also used in the manufacturing of electronics, medical products, and watercraft building.Stainless steel alloys are iron-based metals that contain at least 10% chromium and other metals. These enhance the corrosion resistance and heat resistance properties of the steel.They do not need a protective coating, and they are able to work well in various temperatures and environmental conditions.

Fastener Grades Strength and Materials

It is always recommended to swap out a nut, washer, bolt, or screw that is identical.  We recommend replacing a stainless steel bolt with a stainless steel one. Its corrosion-resistant and durable nature makes stainless steel primarily suitable for long-term applications.The use of stainless steel with aluminum may result in galvanic corrosion.Because of the thin layer of chromium forming an invisible protective layer, stainless steel will not rust from scratches.

Manufacturers of Bolt Grades:

As the grade of a bolt increases, its tensile strength and hardness increase as well.In general, higher-grade bolts are used in applications requiring stronger fasteners.Metric grades are used outside of the US.

  • Galvanized Hex Nut: Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include M8 M10 M12 Stainless Steel Galvanized Hex Nut Large Fastening Force Long Life.
  • Lightning Bolt and Supply, Inc:
  • Shenzhen Leite Hardware Electronics Co, Ltd-It has been producing and selling fasteners for 13 years.
  • Navstar Steel CorporationSupplier &Stockist of Stainless Steel & High Nickel Alloy Materials.
  • Ford Fasteners, Inc.
  • Hayes Bolt & Supply

Grade 8.8 bolt material:

Bolts classified as grade 8.8 comply with the DIN 933 standard. Bolts with this grade are structurally sound.  Heat treatment of these bolts includes quenching and tempering. Metal rods with threads on both ends make up High Tensile Class 8.8 Studs. Among the different types of bolts, zinc plated or hot dip galvanized ones are the most common.

8.8 Nuts Specification:

Bolts of grade 8.8 are made from medium carbon steel, often used in railroad equipment, motors, and engines.Most environments are compatible with grade 8.8 bolts.Stainless steel 304 bolts and nuts are some of the most widely used fasteners on earth. The widely use of fasteners in this material grade is due to the material’s high strength, corrosion resistance, and low cost.

Size: Diameter 20 to 100 Millimeter / Inch 3/4 to 3.1/2.

AStmStandards: DIN ISO EN 4017 & 4014 DIN 933 / 931 & IS 1363 / 1363.

Surface Finish: Zinc plated / plain / hot dip galvanized.

Strengths of Stainless Fasteners:

Use of stainless steel fasteners has the same advantages as other stainless steel components.ISO 3506 Class 70 is the most common standard for stainless steel fasteners. The product should be considered Class 50 if it does not bear any markings. In some cases, a stainless steel fastener with an increased tensile strength may be required, such as those in Class 80. Recently, some stainless steel products in Class 100 as well as Grade 316 have become available.

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