Washers, or spring washers, are a subtype of washers. This thin plate is disk-shaped and has a hole in the middle Split lock washers, also known as spring washers, is vibration-resistant. Their shape is helical because the rings are split at one point. It has been well over 100 years since spring lock washers were first used. In many applications, they are still used with the belief that they will prevent the bolt from loosening. The Bolt Science Company conducted a series of tests comparing this washer to a plain nut by itself to illustrate its performance.

Spring Washer Operations:


Similar to a compression spring, a spring washer deflects under load. Spring washers with a greater height can handle more loads. There are two types of loads that spring washers endure: static and dynamic. Washers such as flat washers and spring washers are well known and frequently used.  Because of their differences, they must be distinguished in practice, or else they will fail to fulfill their duty, and may cause harm.


Top Manufacturers of Spring Washers:



There are numerous types and sizes of washers. There is a specific purpose for each type of washer and there are several materials available for the production of washers.

  • Brass steel
  • Silicon bronze
  • Stainless steel
  • Belleville or conical spring washers
  • Crescent or curved spring washers
  • Dome spring washers
  • Finger spring washers
  • Wave spring washers


Spring washer Size chart :


Bolt Size Inside Diameter Outside Diameter Thickness
Bolt Size Inside Diameter Outside Diameter Thickness
M2 2.1mm 4.4mm 0.5mm
M2.5 2.6mm 5.1mm 0.6mm
M3 3.1mm 6.2mm 0.8mm
M4 4.1mm 7.6mm 0.9mm
M5 5.1mm 9.2mm 1.2mm
M6 6.1mm 11.8mm 1.6mm
M8 8.1mm 14.8mm 2.0mm
M10 10.1mm 16mm 2.2mm
M12 12.2mm 21.1mm 2.5mm
M14 14.2mm 24.1mm 3.0mm
M16 16.2mm 27.4mm 3.5mm
M20 20.2mm 33.6mm 4.0mm
M22 22.5mm 35.9mm 4.0mm
M24 24.5mm 40.0mm 5.0mm
M27 27.5mm 43.0mm 5.0mm
M30 30.5mm 48.2mm 6.0mm
M33 33.5mm 55.2mm 6.0mm
M36 36.5mm 58.2mm 6.0mm
M39 39.5mm 61.2mm 6.0mm
M42 42.5mm 68.2mm 7.0mm
M45 45.5mm 71.2mm 7.0mm
M48 49mm 75mm 7.0mm
M52 53mm 83mm 8.0mm
M56 57mm 87mm 8.0mm
M60 61mm 91mm 8.0mm


Standard spring washer:

A spring washer is a left-hand helix that enables the thread to be tightened in a right-hand clockwise direction. Vibration is a primary concern when using Spring Washers. By compressing the washer when the fastener is tightened, tension is added and the loosening process is slowed down.

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