Sorting Mechanical Machine

Sorting mechanical machine

We are going to discuss the mechanical machine that is used for sorting the material according to size and shape. The basic principle of that mechanism is to sort the material in a sequential order using one large motor. If the design moves in any direction, it will bring about the same force applied in that direction too. In this article, we will be discussing two types of motors and their properties. As per our observation, when the type of material moved in any direction, they would also have equal torque applied.


The first thing we looked into was how these machines were made in the beginning. It is not known yet which material is being sorted and how many types of motors were used then. However, with the development modern-day machines are much more advanced. For example, there are machines for glass bottles or plastic bottles, etc. These machines use three types of motors. They are hydraulic (which pulls out liquids and solids from water and air), electric, and magnetic (which pull out matter and force from magnets).There are so many materials that are separated by the use of robots and also in the process of separating chemicals, it becomes necessary. Therefore the need to make machines of their own from where human beings can pick and remove materials from a material that has just been sorted. Therefore there are various models of mechanics and the way they are designed is similar among all them. Below we will be discussing the characteristics and specifications of each kind of motor.

Hydraulic Motors

The most common thing you find in a machine that separates chemicals is a hydraulic system. This is because chemical reactions and forces of mass transfer are made up of water molecules.

Electric motors

The second type of mechanical machine that separates compounds is an electrical process. To distinguish between it and conventional mechanical equipment, a motor is used. The electric motor consists of copper wires wrapped in coils to produce a magnetic force which drives the piece of machinery


There are a number of companies that manufacture hydraulic motors. These companies manufacture all types of motors and make them available to anybody around the world. The most important thing to note here is that all these machines are built to be reliable and safe. The motors are tested for safety as well as for durability of components such as parts and fittings.

List of manufacturers manufacturing automatic sorting machines:

  • Technik Instrument (Shanghai)Co., Ltd.
  • CDS Manufacturing.
  • Hunan Sunfield Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Anhui Wenyao Intelligent Photoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Changshu Bealead Automatic Machine CO., LTD.
  • Henan Chuangqin Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.

A simple machine consists of a hollow cylinder inside the pipe and its diameter is determined by the speed of water flowing through it which will depend on its weight. While working on the machine people may experience technical difficulties and it may take time to get it running as it may require expensive tools to work at.


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