Plastic Injection Machine

Plastic Injection Machine


A common use for this machine is to produce similar parts with tight leniency for mass production. As a vast producer of plastic, plastic injection molding machine has always held around 45% of the total output value of China’s plastic machines. We are providing a full range of technical support services to help with the selection of injection molding machines.

If you are in view of injection molding for the production of a part, you should consider the following points:

  • Considerations for Production.
  • Considerations for Design.
  • Financial Considerations.
The Process of Injection machine:

The injection molding process produces large volumes of parts.  Most commonly, a very large production of units requires a plastic injection machine. Thousands or even millions of times the same part is repeating in a single process. . After the payment of initial costs, the cost per unit becomes very low with the injection molding.  As the production increases, the price drops.  Calculate the number of parts that injection molding is cost-effective for manufacturing at which the number of components produced increases.

BEST Plastic Injection Machine Manufacturers:

  • Haitian Plastic Machinery Group Co. Ltd.
  • Zhen Xiong Machinery (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd.
  • Guang dong Yi zumi Precision Machinery Co. Ltd.
  • Lijin Technology Group Co.,Ltd.
  • Shuangsheng Injection Molding Machine Co.,Ltd.
  • China National Chemical Equipment Co.,Ltd.
  • .Engel Machinery (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
  • Borch Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd.
  • Donghua Machinery Co.,Ltd.

A few types of plastic injection machines:

  • Hydraulic- With the exception of Japan, hydraulic machines are the most common in most of the world.

Ø  Mechanical – When working on the clamp side of a mechanical type machine, the toggle system is used to build up tonnage

Ø  Electric – It cuts down operating costs by reducing energy consumption, and also directs some of the environmental concerns.

Ø  Hybrid – In addition to excellent energy efficiency, hybrid machines give you more freedom in designing innovative molds.

How much does a plastic injection molding machine cost?

In large series production, this machine is a hugely repeatable and cost-effective technology. Their process involves high heat and pressure to inject molten metal into a mold in a rapid, intensive manner. Plastic injection machine usually costs from $8,000 to $38,000.  When it comes to injection molding, tooling costs are the biggest factor. Different types of molten materials are working according to the scope of the project. Rubber injection molding is the most cost-effective type of injection molding, as it produces durable products with a high yield.



In short this is a great technology for producing goods on a massive scale.  In addition, a plastic injection machine is useful for testing consumer and product prototypes once they are complete. It is usually one machine that performs injection molding, known as a plastic injection machine. Throughout its history, injection molding machine has not changed fundamentally. The main work of the plastic injection machine is that it is heating plastic to a molten state. When you observe an injection molding machine, you may only see a mold opening and closing and final parts are coming out.

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