Pipe Fitting Mold

Pipe Fitting Mold:

A plastic pipe fitting mold’s most important component is the core pulling mechanism. No matter whether it is a plastic elbow, a threaded connector, a tee fitting, etc. The current method for manufacturing plastic pipes and fittings is extrusion or injection molding. There are, however, some circumstances under which rotational molding can be advantageous for these types of products. Pipe fittings are often chosen based on the material from which a pipe is constructed.


Injection molding is one of the major processes used to manufacture plastic pipe fittings. Injection molding presses and molds are used to manufacture fittings. Molds consist of split metal blocks that are machined in order to create cavities.  Mold parts have hollow cavities which are created by shaping the part cavity using tools. It is possible to make an injection mold with multiple cavities by integrating several gates, depending on what the part to be made is. Mold opening and closing are carried out by a press, and injection is carried out by an extruder.


How it works:


The material used to produce the molds is mixed with hot water. The mixture is then poured into moulds that are set on plates that are made of wood or plastic. These plates have holes that fit the diameter of the pipe and then insulated by means of rubber. After the installation has been completed, the same materials are applied to another mould. This keeps pace with the material being used in production and gives an accurate impression of the size of the pipe.




The most important advantage of using these molds is that they help save money on purchasing them. Most people will find it easier to use the ones that have been designed especially for electrical wires, while others prefer having the ability to change the design even if there is no need. It is also possible to replace them with a new one after six months without much effort.



  • The material used in making this is expensive. You cannot use some of it since they are more expensive than normal and require special handling for this to work properly.
  • Most molds are not durable, since there is always a possibility that they are damaged during installation or are worn out.
  • A lot of tools are required to make them and they sometimes lead to accidents that may result in injuries of the worker.


So who are the Best Manufacturers of Pipe Fitting Molds?


The following are the list some companies that manufacture pipe-fitting moulds. Additionally, the plumbing industry relies heavily on plastic pipe fitting moulds. A cool/hot water system that uses PPR plastic pipe fitting moulds has survived by focusing on quality, and developed by being truthful. Below is the list of the top companies that manufacture pipe fitting moulds:

  • Taizhou Huangyan Master Mold Co., Ltd : lies in scenic Mold Town of China-Huangyan, Taizhou- A factory specializing in injection mold design and manufacturing.
  • Okcom – Over the past two decades, okchem’s founders have worked in chemical trade.
  • Micro Tech trading solution
  • Unity Plastomech 
  • J P Mould
  • M.M Tool Engineers
  • Shenzhen Winlunmei Hardware & Plastic Mold Co., Ltd.

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