Hiring a reliable Chinese sourcing agent is the best approach to avoid scams.


Your sourcing agent in china: You can start importing from China through different modes such as importing from trading companies, manufacturers, suppliers, and sourcing agents. Among them, Sourcing Agent is the most popular type of supplier. Traders have a variety of options when it comes to shipping from China. It’s simply an issue of weighing the importance, cost, and preferences. It’s a critical task to look out for suppliers (or sourcing agents in China) with the best services and products. In order to meet the business needs only the right supplier will provide you with the most appropriate products.

Key factors to determine the supplier are affordability, prices, and reliability. We have a warehouse available for temporary storage, and before sending the products out, our quality inspector will do a thorough examination. Whenever foreign buyers consider selecting a sourcing agent in China. They come across several issues like the standard balance between quality and price. The whole idea of sourcing agent China really is a true term derived from trading companies, who source and supply to the worldwide purchasers that essentially need a channel to import from China. Our transparency distinguishes us from other sourcing agents.


TOB offers you the best-negotiating prices and quality services within the challenging environment. We oversee the entire procedure and assist you with factory verification, sample order, supplier information, factory visit, quality inspection, product development, etc.

How a sourcing agent in China can help your business:


  • Audit the factory
  • Market Guide
  • Manage Complex Orders
  • Inspection of the product
  • Repackaging and labeling
  • Organize Shipping
  • Prepare Custom Documents
  • And whatever else you desire

Kinds of Services You can get from TOB China Sourcing Agent


The founder of TransOcean Business has over 15 years of sourcing expertise in China, and he and his team are quite knowledgeable in product procurement. Finding a genuine manufacturer is difficult if you are not a Chinese national; nevertheless, the sourcing agent in China knows where to look for manufacturers in several Chinese towns.

  • We organize your product manufacturing.
  • We make sure your products are of good quality.
  • Arrange for the delivery of your goods.
  • Quality assurance and sampling.
  • Warehousing your product.
  • Development: Product sampling and tooling
  • Shipping: Save cost by sea and air shipment

TOB is providing a service no matter your business is big or small.

What do you mean by sourcing agent? It has:


  • Thorough knowledge of the Chinese business culture
  • Experience in managing Chinese suppliers
  • Inspect goods to reduce defect rate 0%
  • Audit experience
  • Visit the site to assure your product quality
  • Visit enterprises and conduct quality control
  • Tool opening and cost reduction services
  • Export operation services
  • Well-trained employees in Audits, Quality control, and Negotiation.
  • Management and language skills.
  • Source and negotiate for your business

If you required the right agent to get high-quality products, good prices, shipment services, and more. Just contact us and we will provide all services to you.

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