Electric motors: what are they?

The electric motor turns electrical energy into mechanical energy. Electric motors work mainly due to the relation between magnetic and electric fields. A motor has many parts that allow it to revolve continuously and provide power when required. Electric motors can operate with either direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC), and both have advantages and disadvantages.

How electric motor works:

An electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.   In order to operate, an electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The motor generates force as a result of a magnetic field interacting with it. There are many applications for electric motors. There are a few basic questions to answer when selecting a motor are the most important questions for any application. And the question is what type of electric motor chooses and which specifications matter.

Types of motor

DC motors come in many types, but brushless and brushed motors are the most common. In addition, there are vibrating motors, stepper motors, and servo motors. There are many types of brush motors, but DC brush motors are the most common. You can find them in appliances, toys, and cars. In other words DC brush motors are easy to use, inexpensive to produce, and have excellent torque at low speeds. Its main drawback is that they need constant maintenance to replace worn-out brushes. Brush heating limits the speed of DC brush motors, and brush arcs can generate electromagnetic noise.

Brushless DC motors- Brushless DC motors use permanent magnets. The construction of brushless motors is usually similar to that of permanent magnet synchronous motors. Almost all electronic equipment uses brushless motors to drive its small cooling fans.

Manufacturers of Electric Motors:


OME Motors-It is a motor company that specializes in electric motor production and construction in Italy, which distributed successfully throughout the world. The company is implanted in the region and operates globally, despite the fact that it still produces motors as a family business.

KAIGONG ELECTRIC (SUZHOU) CO., LTD The Company is located in New District, Suzhou and always attach to the concept of high quality, high standard, and high efficiency. This company is a manufacturer, distributor, and research company of electric motors and generators.  Currently, it is the leading company in the industry, and the total sales grow every year.

Toshiba- As one of the worlds leading manufacturers and solutions providers. Since 1970, the company has been known for manufacturing some of the most reliable, robust electric motors on the market.  Low- and medium-voltage motors are available from the company and sets new standards in performance and durability for extreme duty applications.

 Nidec Motor It works as one of the leading Japanese manufacturers of electric motors and equipment for industrial machinery, appliances, and consumer products. It has a number of operations and sales foundations which is located in China, Mexico, the United States, and England.

Regal Beloit- the Company is bright for the global energy efficiency trend and its high-efficiency motors and transmission systems.

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