COVID-19 from products or packages shipping from China

Should I be concerned about getting COVID-19 from products or packages shipping from China or other parts of the world?


I’m of the opinion that you should be very, very concern. Just think for a second, or minute, or even a day, depending on how fast you can make up your mind in decisiveness. And, why shouldn’t you?

Consider, and take a good look, at your prospects, of what likely is to happen, if you don’t. Seriously dear Love. Make sure that you’re genuinely interested in the answer. For, that’s what question are about. You have to really, and deeply certain that, you want to know the answers.

Look, and understand,

precisely at the consequences of what may come your way, if you neglect the precautionary measures. Envision yourself in a dark place, six feet deep. It’s very quiet, no one is with you, it’s muddy and wet, because up above its raining. Everything is dark and cold. It’s probably the winter season. You’re also very stiff and cold.:)

Then comes the worms,

a hundred and more feasting on you, using your eye sockets and you nasal passage as entrance on their way to exterminate you and the impatient attitude that caused you to ignore the concerns of your packages. Big mistake, sorry you’re buried. Discretion is the word of the moments right now.

You’d be willfully out of step, in neglect, and the chances of you becoming infected would be more likely than not.

Imagine the inconveniences you can avoid. The discomfort of having to be a statistic of the Covid-19, and all the rigmarole of the quarantine; the risk of needing a vaccine.

One that’s very likely unproven, rush, incomplete in testing, and so forth. A danger to your life. The separation from your world as you know it. Not good, dear Love.

Compare all that, and even the possibility of you, getting a severe infected symptoms.

I don’t think the precautions and careful treatment to your imported, (must have ) packages are worst than the above harassment you may have to endure. Bear in mind that your infected packages may not have any thing at all to do with China, or or the rest world, but you, and your careless, lazy?:) sort of, reaction to precaution.

Remember the world is, challenged to be attentive to the physical touch. That is part of the new normal. A must in attitude reaction to items, and packages. And, definitely more so on items from the out-side coming into your surroundings. So, yes you ought to be practically concerned on all of your packages. Be smart. 🙂

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