Choose Sourcing Agent ? for Export And Import From China


Hiring a reliable Chinese sourcing agent is the best approach to avoid scams.


You can start importing from China through different modes such as importing from trading companies, manufacturers, suppliers, and sourcing agents. Among them, Sourcing Agent is the most popular type of supplier. Traders have a variety of options when it comes to shipping from China. It’s simply an issue of weighing the importance, cost, and preferences. It’s a critical task to look out for suppliers (or sourcing agents in China) with the best services and products. In order to meet the business needs only the right supplier will provide you, the most appropriate products. Key factors to determine the supplier are affordability, prices, and reliability.

We have a warehouse available for temporary storage, and before sending the products out, our quality inspector will do a thorough examination of products. Whenever foreign buyers consider selecting a sourcing agent in China, they come across several issues like the standard balance between quality and price. The whole idea of sourcing agent China really is a true term derived from trading companies, who source and supply to the worldwide purchasers that essentially need a channel to import from China. Our transparency distinguishes us from other sourcing agents. CHINA


TOB offers you the best-negotiating prices and quality services within the challenging environment. We oversee the entire procedure and assist you with factory verification, sample order, supplier information, factory visit, quality inspection, product development, etc.

How a sourcing agent in China can help your business:

  •  Audit the factory
  •  Market Guide
  •  Manage Complex Orders
  •  Inspection of the product
  •  Repackaging and labeling
  •  Organize Shipping
  •  Prepare Custom Documents
  •  And whatever else you desire
Kinds of Services You can get from TOB China Sourcing Agent

The founder of TransOcean Business has over 15 years of sourcing expertise in China, and he and his team are quite knowledgeable in product procurement. Finding a genuine manufacturer is difficult if you are not a Chinese national; nevertheless, the sourcing agent in China knows where to look for manufacturers in several Chinese towns.

  •  We organize your product manufacturing.
  •  We make sure your products are of good quality.
  •  Arrange for the delivery of your goods.
  •  Quality assurance and sampling.
  •  Warehousing your product.
  •  Development: Product sampling and tooling
  •  Shipping: Save cost by sea and air shipment

TOB is providing a service no matter your business is big or small.

What do you mean by sourcing agent? It has:

  •  Audit experience
  •  Visit the site to assure your product quality
  •  Visit enterprises and conduct quality control
  •  Tool opening and cost reduction services
  •  Export operation services
  •  Well-trained employees in Audits, Quality control, and Negotiation.
  •  Management and language skills.
  •  Source and negotiate for your business



Product Sourcing: the process of finding and discovering products for your businesses to sell them. For that purpose, you need to find and explore manufacturers, wholesalers, creators to develop products for you. Sourcing can be either domestic or international. China Sourcing agents and buying agents are that third-party workers or you can say providers of your product (which you sell in your business), with whom you contract to locate and discover high-quality manufacturers in their homeland on your behalf. In China, sourcing agents speak the native language, know about site testing.

They help you to find a good manufacturer and save you from finding a manufacturer by yourself, which also reduces the chances of importing unsatisfactory and bad-quality products. We all know that buying agents assist us in finding top-quality products or suppliers that you are going to resell in your country or whichever place you want to sell them. Once you found your desired product already, you just need to tell your concerns/conditions to the buying agent.

A good sourcing agent has the following factors you should consider before selecting your best sourcing agent in China:

  • Experience
  • Specialization
  • Transparency
  • License
  • Effective communication

Generally, the product sourcing process includes:

  •  Product-based research
  •  Vendor analysis
  •  Price comparison
  •  Supply deals negotiation
  •  Quality

We provide excellent service to assist our customers in managing a variety of responsibilities and tasks in their businesses. Overall, the most essential thing is that you can save time, cut expenses, receive a high-quality product, and optimize earnings with our assistance.

Picking up the right industrial sourcing supplier:

You never wanted to make a mistake when it comes to picking up or choosing the right industrial supplier. It’s a foremost thing that you should take your time and thorough research about the supplier and check out the different options before making your final decision. But from where to start, do you know that? As an experienced sourcing agent in China, this blog is for you. We will be going over a few of the things that should be definitely considered before choosing.

Do you know what are the benefits of hiring a sourcing supplier or sourcing agent in China?

Although there are many and diverse benefits of sourcing agents and sourcing agents in china, the most important one is to consider the potential cost savings. They will help you to cut costs dramatically through low acquisition prices and standard terms for labor and raw materials. Many businesses choose to take advantage of multiple supply chains so that they get to market their product even faster. Additionally, they have a continuous supply of raw materials. Generally, suppliers have better infrastructure and they are also using their economies of scale to supply a huge range of product choices at the best possible prices.

Find a reliable partner who can fulfill all your business requirements in the industry:

Basically, industrial suppliers will offer you better prices and more options and they also help you how to remain competitive in the global market. There is of great importance to searching and finding an experienced (in logistics, customs clearance, and global trade) local company also experienced in working with international companies. These sourcing agent companies know how to negotiate through different cultures and languages. TOB industrial suppliers will pay attention to your specific requirements and ensure that they are met.

Whether you need help with logistics, customs clearance, or just guidance on how to successfully manage your supply chain, we can help. It’s critical to work with a company that you can trust and that understands multiple cultures and languages. A good industrial supplier will get in touch with you on a regular basis, providing information and ensuring that the process proceeds well. You should deal with someone who is knowledgeable in all elements of procurement by handling everything from product selection to pricing negotiations, inventory management, and transportation arrangements, among other things.

Supplier verification china:

Many publications and recommendations exist to teach importers how to do supplier verification, however the majority of the methods they proposed did not address their problem in reality. Our company verification service provides a quick and easy approach to confirm the background information of suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, and trade companies. Our supplier verification service’s goal is to assist buyers, before making payments to vendors or getting into contracts & ensuring their authenticity, confirm the identification and background information

TOB’s sourcing agent China services allows establishing persistent supply chains. This remains your warehouse shelves fully stocked and the customers happy. What else you need!

Sourcing supplier or vendor management:

If you’re looking for a good sourcing agent in China to help you import from China, you’ve come to the correct spot. It is very crucial to connect with the right supplier. It will be difficult and costly to drawback if you make any mistake in the sourcing process. Basically, sourcing is the method of selecting providers to supply the products/goods and services you wish to run your business or e-commerce. It may sounds uncomplicated to you, but the method can be complex. Our local team can source and communicate with selected factories in China more rapidly and reply to your inquiries.

Warehouse services:

We have china export agent & our warehouse with full-time workers to provide you product packing and quality inspection services, product sourcing many of the other agencies cannot offer, before our client’s cargo being shipped out of China. TransOcean Business provides warehousing and order fulfillment services and handle inventories. Carry out and ship orders for organizations that don’t have their own warehousing and distribution infrastructure, such as online retailers and ecommerce.

This solution assists merchants and retailing businesses in lowering infrastructural and logistical expenses while also improving operational efficiency. Order fulfillment services include receiving, processing, and distributing orders on behalf of their clients. Fulfillment is a huge burden and obligation for eCommerce or online retailers because it entails time–consuming and resource-intensive processes like taking orders, packaging, processing payments, shipping, and delivery.

Inspection service at warehouses:

We also offer warehouse inspection services. We may inspect the factory area thoroughly and give you with a detailed report. As a result, you do not need to travel to China for inspection, which of course saves you money. You only need to pay our travel expenses for the warehouse visit. That’s it

Monitoring container loading ensures your final items are handled properly before placing them into the containers. For secure transportation and satisfactory delivery to their final destination. This service is often provided at the factory or at the premises of your forwarder as a pre-shipment inspection.

Industries we are experienced in;

  • Mechanical industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Home appliances industry

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