C face motor bracket to base mount adaptor

People usually don’t consider gear motor accessories first when selecting a motor for their application. Here are three of the most common types of gear motor accessories, and what they mean. Designed for mounting a stepper motor to flat surfaces, this stepper motor mounting bracket (NEMA 17) is constructed of coated steel. With its two sets of mounting holes, it can be mounted directly to a motor or to 36mm planetary gearboxes. With this steel mounting bracket, you can mount a NEMA-17 motor or 36mm gearbox on a flat surface.


 Short Description:


The stepper motor bracket holds the motor.  Stepper motors are often used in 3D printers. Stepper motors and motor brackets are commonly used in 3D printers due to their precise control and accuracy. As a result of the stepper motor’s high level of precision control, the 3D printer can be stopped and twisted in a very precise direction, making rapid prototyping possible.


It is widely used in Micro DC Gear Motor 37mm series. It is geared to robot smart car wheels. Suitable for motor shafts with a diameter of 6mm.



All slots are designed for precision punching, perfectly matched to the 42mm Nema 17 stepper motor. Strong bearing pressure is provided by alloy steel when printing. Welding on both sides strengthens and strengthens the fixed reinforcement to be able to support the motor mount. It is perfect for many hobby and replacement applications. Integrated manufacturing process made of 3 mm steel and welded on both sides to ensure enough strength in the reinforcement.


Motor mounting accessories like base adapters, brackets, tie rods, and vibration isolation help make mounting motors easier and more convenient. It is the strongest and most beautiful mount on the market for the NEMA 34 stepper motors.


C face motor bracket to base mount adaptor Manufacturers:


·        Dongguan Sheng Pai Precision Hardware Co., Ltd.
·        Jiaxing Haina Fastener Co., Limited
·        Hebei Hanghong Trading Co., Ltd.
·        Ningbo Shenqian Metalware Co., Ltd.
·        Jiangmen Infinity Import and Export Co., Ltd.


Innovations and benefits:

  • Small, low-mass containers can be used to store the rings, which can be deployed in a distance of up to 50m.
  • More reliable and accurate deployment process than conical equivalents.
  • Support structure with high stiffness and stability.
  • In contrast to conical mechanical support systems found in the prior art, it is less complex.

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