Pipe Fitting Mold

Pipe Fitting Mold: A plastic pipe fitting mold’s most important component is the core pulling mechanism. No matter whether it is a plastic elbow, a threaded connector, a tee fitting, etc. The current method for manufacturing plastic pipes and fittings is extrusion or injection molding. There are, however, some circumstances under which rotational molding can …

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Neodymium eyebolt magnet:

Neodymium magnets: Among the most popular clamping magnets are high-power Neodymium Hook and Eyebolt magnets. In addition to providing temporary hanging points to steel surfaces, these magnets are commonly used for holding portable lighting to steelwork, preventing cables from sliding from the floor on construction sites and holding portable lighting to steelwork. Due to the compact nature …

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Electric motors: what are they? The electric motor turns electrical energy into mechanical energy. Electric motors work mainly due to the relation between magnetic and electric fields. A motor has many parts that allow it to revolve continuously and provide power when required. Electric motors can operate with either direct current (DC) or alternating current …